Apparently connections to New Jersey Solomon Dwek corruption and organ trade scandal
The newspaper Politiken updated its article later in the day with the following notice: 'Earlier it appeared from this article that this case was connencted to a large scandal in the US, where Rabbis and Mayors are indicted for amongst others sale of organs, laundring of money and corruption. This is not the case.'

  Bent Lexner - Chief Rabbi - Denmark
  Bent Lexner – Chief Rabbi – Denmark
  John & Marian Morgan

Politiken September 22: A giant scandal in the US involving amounts of more than 10 million US dollars has connections to conciliatory meetings in the Jewish community in Denmark. The FBI demands affidavits.

A high profile American Danish swindle affair involving more than $ 10,000,000 compelled the American Federal police (FBI) to investigate exactly what happened during two conciliatory meetings which took place in Denmark.

At these meetings Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner from the Mosaic Religious Community [Mosaisk Trosssamfund] tried to mediate between a group of rejected American investors and their lawyers on one side, and the Danish lawyer of the two fraud suspects on the other, the newspaper 'Borsen' ['The Stock Market'] reports.

The American Federal Police, FBI has asked the American investor Jackie Kreitzman and her Danish lawyer, Leslie Rabuchin, to deliver an affidavit on what went on during two reconciliatory meetings with Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner.

Aimed at ending dispute in mutual agreement

According to documents in possession of the newspaper Borsen the purpose of the meetings was to find an amicable settlement in a conflict between on one side several rejected American investors, represented by attornies Leslie Rabuchin and Max Krasnik on the other side the Danish company Morgan European Holdings and its owners John and Marian Morgan, represented by attorney Eli

Keeping it inside the family

'The reason for the meetings with Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner was that all the participants are of Jewish persuasion, and because I as a life long friend and former business partner of Eli Heckscher wanted to give Eli Heckscher a possibility to explain himself, and to correct the factual circumstances, so that the case if possible could be closed in mutual agreement,' it says in attorney Leslie Rubachin's complaint to the Disciplinary Board [Advokatnaevnet] about his former business partner Eli Heckscher.


Politiken September 22, 2009FBI gransker danskere i svindelsag

Børsen September 22, 2009FBI gransker forligsmøder hos jødisk overhoved


His Chais Family Foundation, which was wiped out when Madoff's scam came to light, gave approximately $12.5 million annually to Jewish causes.
JTA September 22, 2009Philanthropist Stanley Chais being sued as Madoff ‘middleman’

Ifølge en retsanmodning, som dagbladet Børsen er i besiddelse af, fra det amerikanske finans-tilsyn Securities and Exchange Commission til det danske Justitsministerium har amerikanerne bedt danskerne om hjælp i svindelsagen. I første omgang har danskerne hjulpet med at få forkyndt stævningen mod Stenløse-firmaet Morgan European Holdings ApS med binavnet Moneytalks Inc. ApS. 17 september 2009Tiden rinder ud for sagsøgt dansk selskab

The Securities and Exchange Commission says a high-profile embezzlement case has a money trail leading to a Denmark Four Danes and two Danish companies are caught up in a far-reaching embezzlement case involving 150 private investors from 28 US states.
Jyllands Posten June 19, 2009US regulators link Danes to fraud investigation


The Complaint alleges that, during 2006 and 2007, the defendants raised millions of dollars from investors to participate in a fictitious investment program involving the trading of financial instruments among top financial institutions. [..] The SEC claims that John Morgan, Marian Morgan, and Stephen Bowman have continued to lull investors into remaining complacent by promising the imminent payment of their principal and returns.
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