the Spychologist

One day, Danny woke up and realized he knows what he wants to become. Suddenly, the tedious and painful process of the passing year, ended with fresh clarity. A spychologist. This would be his true calling. Recently, the lucrative faculties in Israel officially declared the establishment of this undergraduate major, an inter-disciplinary department, under the life sciences and National Studies. It started off as a semi official – partly secretive – continuing education, for new recruits of the Israeli Integrated National Security Center. The curriculum was based on basic psychology materials, medicine and toxicology, criminology, cognitive sciences and technology, with an advanced clinical training, in the last year of studies. This was the academic training for “handlers” and operators, mainly within the “Arab Sector”, but recently there were growing numbers of handlers working in the subversive Jewish department and the most lucrative group, those who would be sent to the USA to deal with the most sensitive operations. This lucrative unit was called "Essek Habish", after a Kabbalist Rabbi suggested a name that will trick the devil.

Danny knew he had to choose a career in the intelligence community. It had to do with family tradition, but also practical considerations. Everybody knew that during this economic depression, only the security system had jobs to offer, unless one was willing to settle for menial work, as cleaning, construction or taking care of handicapped and elderly people. He was considered a “nerd” among his friends, well not so much but a “feminine” guy, the girls’ best friend. Tall, with a baby face and a high pitch, he became aware of his attractive powers, when it came to women. Women of this age preferred men like him to gorillas and machos. It was “out” to be coarse and rude these days. During high school he became very interested in alternative healing methods, energy treatment and massaging. The girls flocked to his room, and melted under his command. He was there to support them, not to abuse them, or order them around. In fact, had the economy been better, he would definitely join one of those new age colleges and practice his natural talents. But, few people these days could afford a Shiatsu session, and the national medicare programs underwent major cuts in “elective treatments” altogether.


He read through the ad, now, with a goal to pursue. This was the publication in the education catalogue, inviting students to the various departments and programs in Tel Aviv University. He browsed quickly to find the ad he was looking for…ah, there it was in the first page of the booklet. A big rectangular advertisement, soliciting the brightest to join the “elite forces” of the state of Israel and offering a career horizon, promotional opportunities, travel, lifestyle, challenge and reward. “Spy-Chology” said the title of the publication – the occupation for the winners ! Danny skipped right down to the small letters, where the deadline and the registration process was written in details.

 A year later…

Danny was preparing now for the finals of the first year in university, still living with his parents, in their huge cottage in Afeka, the affluent neighborhood of Tel Aviv. His parents were now retired, both former managers in the Workers Bank, once an important partisan asset and tool, for the Labor movement. Luckily, they were able to save their huge pension plans from the collapse of the Bank following the “Russian Laundering” scam. Their midsize fortunes now lay safely in the cellars of a Swiss bank, with those of their colleagues who managed to get a friendly tip from the police about the impending disaster. Some journalists suggested that these tips had actually been the direct cause of the Bank’s collapse, when all those investors cashed their money and transferred it to foreign banks. Danny did not feel like leaving his pampered homey nest for one of those student studios in the less affluent neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. His parents didn’t mind it, on the contrary, they were happy to have him around, the youngest of their three kids. In his cozy upstairs suite, he was sweating over the reading materials of “Manipulation 101” and “National psychology”. He knew he was going to pass with flying colors, because he just felt at home with everything they taught. Sometimes it almost felt as if someone was articulating his innermost thoughts and observations about the world. He was happy to get an approval and affirmation for his career choices. His mother was proud and happy, and everything seemed so simple. His life lay ahead of him, a story of a great success. Recently, he started dating Maayan, a second year student, and he could very well see them as a married couple, doing well in their jobs as well as in their social, financial and family life. Her parents were also affluent, although not as his parents. Her mother was a lawyer and her father, a small businessman who also managed to save his property from the fall and deposit most of it abroad. She was pretty, with gentle features and a soft voice. They just seemed to be predestined for each other, and everyone else thought so too. Maayan considered herself a feminist, and joined one of the women’s groups in the university. They called themselves “The Goddess Worshippers” and practiced drumming and chanting together, reading Tarot cards and chatting about the guys. Danny thought it was admirable, and supported her activities and views. He always like opinionated and independent women, and Maayan certainly qualified.

Last week, after watching a movie they decided to take a class together, something they both thought was fascinating, and they also adored the instructor, a man of inexhaustible knowledge. The title was “Not knowing what they know”, and it would deal with complex situation when people are in possession of fragmented information they cannot, should not, be allowed to integrate into a conscious and meaningful narrative. It was a very lucrative, highly competitive practicum, reserved for promising students. A combination of political science, national studies, National identity and the science of trauma based dissociative disorders, and required a special interview to gain clearance to “the elect”.


 Four years later…

Maayan and Danny returned now from their wedding and honeymoon in Israel. They were exhausted and thus felt happy and relieved to return at last to the privacy of their cute abode in The Mission, a rustic and somewhat colorful and artsy neighborhood in San Francisco. They were happy to see the plants are alive, and everything clean and tidy. Their trusted friend Sarit surpassed their expectations and filled their fridge with fresh produce, milk, cheese, vegetables and even a home made chicken pot she prepared for the newly wed couple.

 -Ach…..” groaned Maayan, curling on the sofa like a little cat, “its good to be home…hubbi” and they both laughed. Husband and wife…just as Danny wanted it to be in his first year of university. Now they were married, both enrolled in the Masters program for integrative studies in the nice small university they were assigned to, by their mentor, Dr.Yossi Avshalom. This was the teacher they both adored as freshmen and who initiated them into the secrets of the Elect, those who were privileged with the power and knowledge to enter the deepest layers of the nation. Those who would later be part of the leadership of the young state of Israel. The elite “commando” of the spirit, he called it, using the language of metaphors and archetypes. They were to take the grave and responsible decisions that would effect a whole generation of Israelis, they would protect the people from both physical but mostly psychological and spiritual dangers, they are in fact the modern time “High Priests and Priestesses”. They also had to learn, for their future leadership positions how to “lead the flock” at their care and trust.

 "The structure of spiritual order, is not democratic" said Dr. Avshalom in their first meeting. "Spiritual leadership requires discipline, hierarchy and obedience. There is no wishy washy sentimentalism in this business", he said sternly, looking each one of them in the eyes, examining their stamina and determination.

While in San Francisco, Danny and Maayan made sure they are taking full advantage of their coveted position and locale. They dined in restaurants and shopped for exotic food, developing their tastes and preferences. They also attended art galleries and museums, took long trips to the beautiful natural sites around the Bay and further to the North and the South. In social matters they were careful to follow the detailed protocol of Dr. Avshalom. They were to mingle spontaneously with their environment and at the same time maintain absolute and hermetic secrecy around their affiliation in Israel. They were to develop, what he called, the ultimate consciousness of the “Mole”. Modular systems and allocation of attention was Dr. Avshalom’s pet project, which he now combined with National Studies, mysticism and Bio technology departments. He had a clear and compact view of what Israeli identity and consciousness should be. A total compartmentalization of the cognitive faculties, to “internal” and “external” systems with one integrated Hebrew command center, in a hierarchical order.

 At this point, Maayan and Danny were doing well, and occasaionlly took consultations from Dr. Avshalom or one of his trusted aids. Maayan called it “therapy”, because she felt it helped her organize her individuality and her reliationship with Danny. She focused on her independence and freeing herself

 from her mother’s smothering love. Her final “initiation” was the wedding, when she managed to win over her mother’s wishes, and conduct a modern ceremony, giving expression to her superior values and conjoining her Goddess group, the old “crones” that insisted on an equal, pagan like, Ketubah and vows. The Rabbi was one of the fashionable Reformed imports from the USA, who specialized in such cases and knew how to appease both the "rebellious" couple and their more traditional and very Sabra parents. Maayan was happy to find out that Danny shares her values, they both referred to themselves as "Israelis, not so much as Jews", as many of their generation would say. Therefore, her wedding was more than just a formal completion of their partnership agreement, but a personal victory of what she saw as liberation and individuation

Danny was now working part time in the school administration, carefully observing and gathering information.

Maayan was still enjoying a lot of

free time, workshops and fun. Next month, when school starts again she will look for a part time job, babysitting seems good enough and flexible. It would allow her to conduct her own little “field testing” of child psychology theories they are learning now. Her own little private lab and a chance to practice her own maternal skills…maybe…after they graduate, they will introduce a new little person to this wonderful life they are now building


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